Welcome to Mohican Financial Management, LLC

Mohican Financial Management, LLC manages non-traditional alternative investments.  Our investment team consists of seasoned professionals performing bottom-up fundamental research and quantitative arbitrage analysis. Since inception in 2002, we have grown into a diversified investment management firm with the verstitle ability to capture opportunities throughout the convertible bond universe.

Our clients include sponsors of hedge funds, managed accounts and 40 Act funds who value experienced portfolio management.  We are proud of our twelve-year record of consistent returns through severe market cycles.

At the firms inception, we began with the philosophy that the manager and the strategy are inseparable.  We saw that continued success in managing a portfolio is an integration of people and plans that are eminently right to achieve what’s best for investors.

Mohican maintains a stable team and environment in which research is conducted on an independent, rigorous basis.  The firm is committed to remaining superior  in managing liquid, transparent portfolios within its chosen investment strategy.